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No previous experience is needed for voice lessons, as our instructors will lead you through a thoughtful, methodical, step-by-step process uniquely attuned to your individual goals. Our instructors teach in a positive and encouraging way to help students build their self confidence. With a priority on vocal health, voice lessons will set you up for long term success and serve you in any future singing endeavors. In addition to covering the basics of safe vocal technique, students will learn further, increasing advanced technical skills such as proper posture, pitch accuracy, warmup exercises, and breath support.  Every student is different and finding what makes your voice unique to you is your power. We aim to help each student find their voice so that they can sing comfortably without strain and learn how to grow their own natural sound as a singer. Each person learns differently and lessons are adapted to fit each student’s learning style. We use elements of speech level singing, jazz, and pop technique to unlock the muscles and help each student find their inner power. To the surprise of many, singing is often about a lot more than the craft itself. It often brings up a lot of road blocks internally for many about self worth, confidence, and helps people to work through the inner turmoil so they can reach their potential. This vocal training with a vocal coach will also guide students through other aspects of singing such as scales, song selection, performance skills, and music reading, ensuring that you gain confidence in your voice and develop the skills you need so that your singing will reach its fullest potential. Our voice instructors are experienced in a wide variety of styles including but not limited to pop, jazz, blues, soul, and musical theatre as well as classical. Your individual interests will be prioritized so that you can attain all of your personal singing goals. Lessons are available for students of all ages although we recommend that children are at least 5 years of age before starting. Lessons are open to any level of experience and beginners are welcome! 

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Student Testimonial

I started my journey with voice lessons and singing improvement eight months ago from a place of severe anxiety and unsteady foundations. I could never have imagined singing intentionally for one person alone in a sound proof room, let alone a crowd of people, but that’s where I started: in a sound proof room in front of one person. That person was Mel Kay, a brilliant music teacher in both talent and attitude. She is patient and kind, skilled at her art and inspiring that of others, and is versatile in her directions and ideas for growth. In a short time, I found myself moving from a feeling of trepidation to one of excitement before lessons because of her warm approach to teaching, and six months later I was performing on stage at a local bar! I just returned from a trip abroad where I played at a concert for about a hundred onlookers, successfully, which I never would have dreamed could be a reality I actually enjoyed living through. Though I put in the work, the only reason I was able to accomplish this dream is due to Mel’s tutelage. I could not give a stronger recommendation for a vocal coach to someone needing help on their journey through music. Thanks Mel!

-Mill Mclean

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