Voice Lessons

Emiko George-Perry

Emiko George-Perry is a voice teacher offering lessons uniquely tailored to each of her students. She also plays guitar and violin. Whether you’re interested in singing pop music, jazz, blues, vocal technique, performance preparation or something else, finding what sparks passion for each individual student is an integral part of Emiko’s teaching philosophy. Since moving to Honolulu in 2018, Emiko has performed regularly at many popular venues such as Maui Brewing Co. and Duke’s Waikiki.

Emiko was fortunate enough to grow up in a musical household where both parents were also music educators and started music lessons at age two. After discovering her own passion for vocal performance and music education she traveled, taught, and performed in New Orleans, and Arusha, Tanzania. Emiko has 5 years experience working with all ages, from young children just beginning to develop an interest in music to adults who want to try something new. Having worked as a music educator in a variety of capacities, Emiko’s experience includes early childhood development, classroom instruction, musical theatre, choir direction, and private instruction.

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