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  • Voice Lessons

    Morgan Bernat

    Morgan Bernat is offering private lessons in Piano and Voice. She has received a Bachelor of Music degree in Voice Performance from University of Hawaii at Manoa. She has been teaching between 20 to 30 students per week for a couple of years now in Wahiawa and Waipahu and is now teaching at Honolulu Music Lessons Workshop as well. Morgan has also been working as a vocalist with an Opera company in Italy and is a classically trained singer who is familiar with the Italian, French, German, and Spanish languages. Morgan’s teaching is grounded in music literacy and encouraging healthy vocal production, care of the voice, reading music and expanding the vocal range. Morgan’s piano and voice teaching focuses not just on classical music, but many other styles although classical training, posture, opening up the diaphragm, ear training, and pitch control is extremely important no matter what style of music you like to sing.

    Morgan is well versed in the latest technology that helps greatly enhance the lessons and help provide excellent resources and practice aides at home, such as, apps, digital sheet music, recording, online resources and multimedia. These are great tools for getting the music charts and study materials to the student instantly and making sure they have everything they need to have fun practice sessions at home. Knowing where to find these resources online helps students develop skills to study music independently, to be resourceful and when combined with being grounded in music literacy can make possible the lifelong study of music. Morgan is a patient, and encouraging teacher who believes in positive thinking and visualization and Morgan’s students develop self confidence, increased focus and the ability to approach music as an art with creativity, expressiveness and inspiration.

    Melanie Maier

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