Voice Lessons are $40 per half hour or $60 per hour. Lessons are for Adults and Kids. Students should be at least 5 years old to start lessons although you can always do a trial lesson just to see how it goes. No previous experience is required to start lessons. No matter what you think of the quality of your voice or what you’ve been told by others, everyone can train their voice through a methodical step-by-step process. Students will learn the correct posture, breathing, and technique to bring your singing up to its full potential through singing exercises, scales, songs of gradually increasing complexity. Our Voice Instructor is well versed in a variety of music styles being from New Orleans herself, is grounded in bluesy, soulful music and singing styles. Students will learn songs that they want to be able to sing so that the lessons are relevant to their own goals and through the weeks and months of voice training will gain the skills and confidence to deal with the challenges of learning to sing those songs with feeling, expression and pitch accuracy.


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