Ukulele Lessons

Ukulele Lessons revolve around step-by-step exercises, songs, scales that follow a very gradually increasing level of difficulty, but with at least some daily practice, goals are easy to attain and weekly assignments are made very clear about what to do and how to practice. Ukulele lessons can be taught in both German and English. As a student progresses through the levels, they will gain proficiency and music literacy through study of technique, scales, music theory, ear training, rhythm, improvisation and learning to read music charts, mainly tablature at first, but depending on the student’s goals and amount of practice that they are doing could possibly include learning how to read music notation. Our instructors are very well qualified and experienced and make use of modern methods and technology, multimedia, digital music resources, youtube and other online resources to make lessons relevant and to make sure that students’ have adequate resources for practicing at home. As student’s attain more proficiency and confidence, they are encouraged to pursue their own musical interests and our teaching methods do not limit students to particular styles of music and we will help students to pursue their own goals and learn songs that they are interested in. Lessons are for Adults and Kids. Students should be at least 6 years old to start lessons although you can always do a trial lesson just to see how it goes. No previous experience is necessary to begin lessons.

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Enjoy Some Easy and Some Not So Easy Ukulele Lessons Below. Enjoy!

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