Piano lessons

Try the video demo lesson below to see what lessons and study materials are like. The goal of piano lessons is to get students to the level where they can pursue their own musical interests. We do much more than just classical music lessons and our instructors are well versed in multiple styles of music including classical, jazz, blues, rock and pop and so on. We realize that lessons are more effective when students are learning songs that are interesting and engaging to them, but we also want to move beyond just learning songs to being more creative musically so that eventually we can not only just play songs, but to adapt and create music as an expressive music artist. Our instructors use modern methods and technology and teach in a positive encouraging way to create a relaxing and fun learning environment. The piano is the best instrument to learn if you want to have a good general knowledge of music. It covers the widest range, you learn to read both treble and bass clef, and since you don’t need to work on producing tone, you can use all your fingers to make beautiful music. Piano lessons can be taught in French, Korean or English. Piano Lessons start easy with little tunes for the left or right hand, slowly start bringing them together, and as your fingers get stronger and your knowledge of the keyboard grows, you will then have access to probably the largest repertoire of music of any instrument. Depending on what you are interested in we can learn classical pieces, dive into music theory and history. Or we can learn how chords are made, how songs are structured, and listen to your favorite pop songs and figure out how to play them on the piano. If you want to learn jazz piano we’ll learn how to read chord charts and how to improvise solos. It might be the easiest and most satisfying instrument to start on but also the hardest to master. Lessons are for Adults and Kids. Students should be at least 5 years old to start lessons but you can always come for a trial lesson to see if your child has the potential to start earlier. 

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Try this Demo Lesson. Enjoy!

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