Mandolin lessons will start out with the basics, learning easy scales and chord shapes, how to use a pick, and some strumming patterns. Mandolin lessons can be taught in both French and English. Once you become more familiar with the instrument then we can start learning songs. The mandolin uses musical notation and TAB, we can learn either, hopefully you’ll be interested in both so as to get the most out of the instrument. We can spend time developing technique and speed if you want to play bluegrass, chord progressions and harmonizing if country and folk music is more your thing. We’ll also spend time playing together, developing your timing and listening abilities if playing in a band is something you aspire towards or need help with. Whatever it is, the mandolin is a unique and beautiful instrument to learn.  Lessons are for Adults and Kids. Kids should be at least 6 years old to start lessons, but you can always come for a trial lesson to see if your child has the potential to start earlier. 

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