Want to know what lessons are like? Try some of the demo lesson videos down below to see some of the methods and study materials that we use. 

 You don’t need to buy a drum set in order to take drum lessons. All you need is a cheap practice pad and sticks to get started. You will get time on the full drum set during your lessons and you can buy a drum set later on if and when you are ready. Our drum instructors are Scott Shafer, who is a Berklee School of Music Alumni, Darryl Pellegrini, who is a multiple Grammy Award nominated drummer who has a Master’s Degree from Manhattan School of Music and Dae Han of Honolulu Jazz Music School and who has 2 albums released under the Aloha Got Soul record label. These highly qualified and experienced instructors will patiently guide you through a step by step process in a positive and encouraging way. Drum lessons can be taught in Korean as well as English. Students will know exactly what to practice at home each week and will have the resources and support they need at home to enhance their at-home practice time so that they can maximize efficient use of their lesson time and attain proficiency and mastery over time. Drum Set and Percussion Lessons revolve around the fundamentals of modern drumming, technique, rhythm and reading music notation through a variety of exercises such as paradiddles, drum beats, songs and transcriptions. With at least some daily practice at home, students will gradually progress through the levels as they gain confidence and proficiency with the instructors weekly assignments and short term goals that are easily attainable. Drum lessons are for adults and kids and you don’t need any previous experience to start. Students should be at least age 6 to start although you can always take a trial lesson just to try it and see how it goes… 

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Check out some demo lessons here. Enjoy!

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