Our Cello instructor is very well versed in preparing students for ABRSM levels as well as teaching the Suzuki Method. Cello lessons can be taught in both French and English languages. Cello lessons are not limited to just Classical Music only and students are encouraged to bring music they want to learn, whatever genre. The cello’s range is often compared to that of the human voice, it creates a particularly beautiful sound, which is why we will spend a lot of time at the beginning focusing on tone production and how to play it whilst staying relaxed. It’s size means that you need nice strong fingers to play it, so we’ll spend plenty of time developing finger strength and dexterity. The cello is most often used in a classical setting, but our instructor also has plenty of experience using it in other genres, like folk music, or indie and alternative bands. Lessons are for Adults and Kids, but since the cello is quite a large instrument, it’s better to wait until your child is around 7 or 8 years old. You have to sit to play too, so patience and a calm temperament are probably better measures to decide whether they are ready to learn. After students have learned some of the basics, they can join the Hawaii Youth Symphony if they are between the ages of 8 and 18. You can rent a cello for about $40 a month if you want to rent before you eventually buy. 

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