Peter Meyer


Bassoon offers a rich musical experience. Lessons cater to all levels, embracing both adults and children.

Our teaching philosophy revolves around guiding students to discover their unique musical voice. Whether drawn to classical elegance or contemporary styles, we prioritize assisting students in pursuing their musical passions. Modern teaching methods equip students to explore various musical directions, utilizing cutting-edge technology for engaging and effective practice.

Throughout the bassoon learning process, students cultivate diverse musical skills, from interpretation to tone quality and articulation. Mastery of the instrument fosters improvisational prowess, crucial for expressive playing in different genres. We encourage students to experiment with different musical expressions and techniques.

For classical enthusiasts, we delve into traditional repertoire, while students interested in contemporary styles explore modern compositions. Guided by students’ musical aspirations, we provide tailored guidance, fostering technical proficiency and artistic exploration alike. Our aim is to inspire students as they learn and grow as bassoonists.

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