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  • Melanie Maier
    Melanie Maier
    Melanie Maier
    Melanie Maier

    Music Lessons & Services

    Honolulu Music Lessons Workshop is currently offering In-Person/Face-to-Face Lessons and also online lessons with Facetime, Skype or Zoom in Acoustic and Electric Guitar, Ukulele, Piano, Drums, Bass Guitar, Voice, Composition and we also do Music Therapy Sessions. Our instructors are highly qualified and experienced having at least a Bachelor’s degree in Music. We offer flexible scheduling, free parking in a convenient location at the Varsity Building on University Avenue. Our studios are spacious with a nice reception area. Our instructors’ teaching methods are modern, adaptable to many different styles of music including Classical, Rock, Pop, Hawaiian, Latin, Jazz, Blues, you name it…

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    Teaching Philosophy

    Our Instructors’ teaching methods are modern, adaptable to students’ specific needs and aren’t limited to specific styles of music. We teach music as an art in an encouraging and patient way and focus on the skills students need to pursue their own specific or diverse music interests by emphasizing music fundamentals and basic skills that are needed to be resourceful and to study music independently and proficiently and play with creativity and expressiveness. We make use of vast libraries of digital music resources and online resources, multimedia, apps and other cutting edge technology to enhance the teaching and learning experience and to get students the sheet music, transcriptions and resources they need for success instantly.

    Melanie Maier

    Student Reviews

    Melanie Maier

    Mission & Vision

    The sad truth for most music lessons providers on Oahu is that Student’s pay between $50 to $80 per hour for lessons, but the instructor doing all the work gets only between $15 to $25 per hour of that fee before tax and other expenses. Honolulu Music Lessons Workshop is owned and operated by Landon Mattox who is also one of the teachers providing private lessons in Guitar, Ukulele and Bass. Our mission is to provide excellent teaching facilities to highly qualified and experienced teachers in a way where the teacher keeps the lion’s share of lessons fees and we all work together to share the costs of rent, web design and marketing so that our instructors and therapists can focus on providing students and families with their best attention and quality lessons and sessions.